Lydia Nelson is a Wife, Mother of two boys, and the owner of this amazing business Cscrubs with love-Wholesale Division. She began her journey as an entrepreneur in late 2010. As a struggling C.N.A making only $8.50 an hr. she realized something had to change. While facing many financial hardships, the bright idea of selling uniforms came to her clear as day. Unlike most in her situation she took the leap and put her plan into action. Lydia stepped out on faith with only a few hundred dollars to her name. She purchased her first case of scrubs, contacted a local facility to sell and sold out the same day!

Lydia then quit her job immediately and ran her business full time. After just one year in business she went from $8.50 an hr. to over 6 figures. Fast forward to many years later, she has now landed over $5 million a year in sales. In late 2017, Lydia decided she was ready to take yet another leap! This time it was as a wholesaler placing others in business for themselves selling uniforms. To her surprise this business has soared, and she now has over 400 retailers nationwide!

Her goal is to instill in others day after day, you are more than an employee, you have a light in you that's ready to shine. Her passion is to bring out that inner boss in you!

Start the business and secure your financial future. "A job will never make you rich, it can only fulfill a passion." -Lydia Nelson